18 Best Things To Do While You Travelling To Bengkulu Indonesia

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Things To Do In Bengkulu – Best Attraction in Bengkulu – Bengkulu one province that has its own history for this country. This is the Province where the President of the Republic is alienated and builds a network of activists to achieve independence of the Republic of Indonesia. And in Bengkulu province was President Sukarno met with First Lady Fatmawati. Dutch colonialism at that time in Bengkulu also stuck firmly, to build a strong fort Marlborough.
And now the Dutch heritage buildings have become a cultural heritage and tourist attractions in Bengkulu is quite iconic. In addition there are many interesting tourist destinations spread across each Regency and City in Bengkulu. And here are some list of attractions in Bengkulu that will make you amazed to see it.
Places of Interest in South Bengkulu
The regency, which in the early days of independence had the name Manna Kaur and Seluma Manna Kaur Regency, had two quite different dialects. Although still using the Middle Melas Bahas as a daily language, but some areas use different dialects. Like the Basemah dialect and the Serawai dialect which is the majority used by the people of South Bengkulu. In addition to having two dialects that characterize South Bengkulu, there are several tourist attractions in South Bengkulu which is also very iconic and a mainstay of South Bengkulu Regency. Here’s a tourist spot that will make you amazed when you visit it.
Trika Rock Waterfall
Including the latest tourist destinations in South Bengkulu District, and not so many tourists who come at the Waterfall of Trika Rock. Maybe it’s access that can not be passed by the vehicle and require you to walk into the wilderness. And also required to use a guide from the local village. Trika Stone Waterfall is quite exotic with a towering stone walls and large rocks that exist beneath it, looks more perfect. Tourist attractions in South Bengkulu is indeed not so crowded, so for nature lovers who demen same adventure can also nge-camp in the area of ​​Batu Trika Waterfall. The location is in District Kedurang, precisely located in the village of Bumi Agung.
Curup Nerayan Waterfall
Tourist attractions in South Bengkulu also has historical value when the struggle against Dutch colonialism. It used to be the location of Curup Waterfall Nerayan is used as a hideout for the fighters of South Bengkulu. And now has turned into a very attractive tourist destinations and able to bring in PAD for South Bengkulu Regency. Its location is located in Talang Padang, which is still in Pino Raya District, not so far from the center of Manna City. and also not so far from Talang Padang Village, and you can use the guide service from the local village. which is quite interesting is there is one more tourist destination that is close enough, namely Curup Waterfall Boat.
Waterfall Curup Boat

The location is not so far from Curup Nerayan Waterfall, quite often also visited by tourists who want to feel the fresh water enjoyment. Waterfalls are surrounded by large trees this does provide a very calm atmosphere. So it is suitable for you who seek peace with accompanied by the sound of natural gurgling water. Almost the same as Curup Nerayan Waterfall, formerly Waterfall Curup Boat used as a hideout of the fighters. Moreover, access to the sea is easy enough, to get fish as food reserves when hiding.
Waterfall Dew
Easy access is located not far from the highway Manna and Palembang make Waterfall Geluguran often touched the visitors. Moreover, it only takes about 45 minutes from downtown Manna, the more so popular in the ears of South Bengkulu people. The natural panorama surrounding is also really fascinating because it is located in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park. Tourist attractions in Bengkulu is very beautiful atmosphere full of green trees make our eyes shine. The water is crystal clear, and the sloping waterfall contours that allow tourists to walk up to the top of the waterfall. Location of this Waterfall Geluguran located in District Ulu Manna, precisely in the Village Pino.
Lubuk Langkap Waterfall
It must be admitted that South Bengkulu is quite rich in waterfall tourist destinations. And one of the favorite waterfalls of tourists is the Lubuk Langkap Waterfall. The location is not so far from the tourist attractions of the Nipis Dam only takes about 1 hour on foot. Besides the panorama to the tourist attractions in South Bengkulu is also not boring. You will be treated to shady trees, the flow of the river that seems to follow your journey increasingly not feel tired. The waterfall is not so high, but the water debit is good enough to meet the pool wide enough and comfortable to soak. This waterfall tourist destination is located in the District of Air NIpis, precisely located in Suka Maju Village.
Three Level Waterfall
Tourist destination is classified as new and not so many tourists who come to the tourist attractions in South Bengkulu this, so the Three-Level Waterfall is still very natural. For the traveler who demen same adventure may have to try visiting the Three Level Waterfall located in Tenam Village, which is still in the District Ulu Manna. From the village of Telam you still have to walk at least 4 km, through a forest full of trees that are very shady and also rivers that look cool in the eye. Trips that require 1 hour more will not be so felt with a special panorama of nature treats. When it comes to Three Levels Waterfall, the natural touch is so felt, you have to climb slightly to level two, up to level three. In a waterfall that level three, you will be spoiled with the exotic waterfall with a fairly large pool and roofs are quite dense.
Seven-Rate Waterfall Ulu Manna
Location waterfalls located in the middle of this secondary forest presents a special panorama that accompanied the very cool air more make anyone who comes will be more comfortable. Especially not so far from Manna City center which only takes 1 hour drive. With the waterfall level up to seven levels and almost all of them have a pool below really make every tourist amazed to see it. The water is crystal clear atmosphere makes our mind will be fresh again. Tourist attractions in South Bengkulu is located in District Ulu Manna, precisely in Talang Tinggi Village.
Water Dam
One of the tourist attractions in South Bengkulu is quite interesting is the Water Dam Nipis. Unlike the dams in general. The water is clear enough, the panorama of green rice fields, and large rocks become the main dish when you visit the Water Dam Nipis. When the holiday, quite a lot of tourists are flocking in the Water Dam Nipis. And none other than want to enjoy the fresh water dam that allows for swimming or just soaking. The Nipis Dam is also still a District with Bendatan Babatan, located in Seginim District.
Swipe Dam
One of the dams that became a child of the Nipis Dam is quite popular for the people of South Bengkulu. And it can be a tourist attraction in Bengkulu when the holiday arrives. Quite a lot of activities you can do in Babatan Dam built in 1986 this. Starting from fishing, swimming, to activities along the river or the flow of water from Babatan Dam. Decorated with a verdant rice field area, which lined the coconut tree lined up into a quite interesting scenery in this tourist attraction in South Bengkulu. For its own location the Babatan Dam is located in Seginim District, South Bengkulu.
Japanese bunker
Its location inside the Taman Remaja in the Rear of the Building Building is becoming known by so many people of South Bengkulu. And no other because in the Park Remaja located right on the edge of the beach. So a special treat you will feel when visiting the Japanese Bunker, you can also enjoy the beach panorama under the shade of coconut trees in Taman Remaja.
Lake Kuranding
There is a mythology told from generation to generation about the formation of Lake Kuranding. And the name Kuranding itself as a form of appreciation for a mythological figure who initiated the formation of Kuranding Lake. And it is said that this lake is guarded by Kuranding and Kuraduk (Kuranding wife) who has dived into Eagle and Dragon. Many stories are also circulated sometimes until now still often reveal the figure of either an Eagle, or Dragon. Now the lake full of legend story is a tourist attraction in South Bengkulu interesting enough to visit. The atmosphere is very beautiful, so are many fish that live in this lake, can be a fishing spot that is fun for the angler. Location Kuranding Lake is located in two districts, namely District Segini and District Air Nipis.
Batu Balai Village
This is the village upstream of the Nipis Water Dam, and also the Babatan Dam. Batu Balai Village may be more appropriate if a Tourism Village in South Bengkulu. Because this village has a panorama of the countryside is still very beautiful, one of the most interesting is the river. The river is quite full of rocks this could be the best spot for rafting sports. In addition there are some areas that can be used as a natural bath. Supported by clear water and rural panorama can make it a tourist attraction in South Bengkulu which is a mainstay and able to suck up more tourists who come.
Sulumun Caves
Exotismenya really felt when you are in the cave Sulumun a nest wallet birds. The atmosphere of keasriannya really can you feel, especially with the sawah Kedurang which is located upstream of the river in the location Sulumun Cave, as if more and more adorn the existence of Sulumun Cave. Location of tourist attractions in South Bengkulu is located in Batu Ampar Village, which is still in District Kedurang. Sulumun Cave can be the best spot for camping, even you do not need to bring lunch, because the fish that live in the river Kedurang can be a delicious meal while enjoying the natural beauty of South Bengkulu land.
Button Sepit Buttons
This is one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists in South Bengkulu. Although it is quite far from the center of Manna City which takes travel time up to 5 hours. But still did not dampen the intention of the tourists who come from Manna City, even from outside South Bengkulu Regency. Sepuk Kit Kancing, a natural bath surrounded by rocks that towering. The water is green and almost roofed twigs and leaves of this tree gives the sensation of freshness of natural water is different. The location of tourist attractions in South Bengkulu still takes 1 hour from Sukaramai Village, which is still in Air Nipis District area. But no doubt, your journey will be fun through the forest and also coffee plantations owned by local residents.
Al-Manar Mosque
Tourist attractions in South Bengkulu specifically for religious tourism is Al-Manar Mosque. The mosque was built in 1902 which was initiated by a scholar of Islam spread in South Bengkulu at that time. Syech Muhammad Amin whose grave is also in the environment of Al-Manar Mosque. The mosque, which has a 13-meter-high tower was destroyed before the earthquake disaster in 2000 ago. So now almost the majority of buildings Al-Manar Mosque is a new building. But the initial idea and architecture of the mosque still has a valuable historical value. The location of Al-Manar Mosque itself is located in the center of South Bengkulu City which is in Manna.
Honisuit Cannon
Not only the Dutch and Japanese who ever set foot in the land of Bengkulu. But England also never set foot in Bengkulu. One of the historical evidence is the relics of the Honisuit Cannon. After the English left, it was Japan’s turn to use the Honisuit Cannon and placed in the center of Manna City, which was used as a defense in 1942. But now the Honisuit cannon had been moved at the South Bengkulu Kodim. So now the Kodim is also a tourist attraction in South Bengkulu because of the historic object of the Honisuit cannon that is placed in front of the Kodim Office.
Beach Bengkenang
Siapapin who come in tourist attractions in South Bengkulu this will be amazed when you first see it. Beaches that also have an estuary to be very diverse, tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of the estuary or playing on the edge of Beach Bengkenang. The abundance of coconut trees on the edge of the beach and the estuary increasingly makes the Beach Bengkenang more beautiful. There is something quite special in Beach Bengkenang, ie when the day begins to dusk, second by second you will be treated to the beauty of a very exotic sunset. location Bengkenang Beach is located in Manna District is not so far from the center of Manna City.
Beach Duayu Sekundeng
Many local people call it the Lower Market Beach which has a moderate wave. Almost some parts of the beach is given a high enough rocks on the beach. This is of course to prevent the occurrence of abrasion, but not all. You can still enjoy the fun in the sand beach, although not white but still many tourists who bertatangnya. The shores of the pine trees will always be ready to welcome you or as a shade in the hot sun when radiating light. Tourist attractions in South Bengkulu is precisely located in Duayu Sekundeng, or close to the city center Mana.
Muara Kedurang Beach
One more tourist attraction in South Bengkulu is a favorite of local communities, namely Muara Kedurang Beach. The atmosphere is very calm really felt when you are in Muara Kedurang Beach. The water of his mouth is so clear as waving hands to visitors to feel the freshness of the water. What is interesting is that you can feel the saltwater bath and fresh water at the same time. And one more you can still play on the clean white sand, while feeling the waves of Muara Kedurang Beach. Favorite tourist destination in South Bengkulu is precisely located in the District Kedurang.
Sungai Desa Tanjung Alam

The rural atmosphere is really felt when you begin to enter the village of Tanjung Alam. The panoramic views of rice fields and hills are evident in sight. What is interesting enough in the village of Tanjung Alam is the beauty of the river whose water is very clear. Quite a lot of people who use it as a natural bath. And because this is quite a lot of local tourists who try to enjoy the natural beauty of Tanjung Alam Village. Actually this could be a potential tourist attraction in South Bengkulu is very worth to visit. Even also for sports rafting. The location of Tanjung Alam Village River is still located in Kedurang District.
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